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I also write books with paranormal elements, curl-your-toes sex, and pockets of sunshine.

Diners, Dives & Dead Ends

Diners, Dives & Dead Ends - Terri L. Austin I don't read a lot of humorous mysteries, but I am so glad I took a chance on this one! Not only does Austin's main character offer up some freaking hilarious observations, but many of the secondary ones do as well. Ma's comment about Rose looking like "ten miles of bad road" had me literally LOLing. It certainly wasn't the only time either.

The next thing I loved about DD&DE was how I felt like I was in the main character's skin. Austin has deep Point of view nailed. I was actually kind of surprised at the climax - for a humorous story, it really had some teeth. And I mean that in a good way. It was definitely a page turner at the end.

Finally, gosh, Rose wasn't the only who developed ambivalent feelings for the bad guy! He was drawn rather yummy. I love the rich complexity that added to the story. Loved it!


Silenced - Allison Brennan Looking for a good twisted plot for your New Year's reading? Allison Brennan's SILENCED was excellent - we know who the perpetrators are, yet she kept me guessing how it was all interrelated until the very end. The heroine Lucy Kincaid is strong, intelligent, vulnerable, and importantly, 3-dimensional as she tries to solve a series of crimes before the killer strikes again. A little light on the romance for my taste, but overall another winner by Brennan. :)

The Siren

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz I enjoyed this book way more than 50 SHADES because the writing is flawless, and the plot is so maddeningly twisted. It has some themes (clergy, underage) that might be troubling to some, but if you’re in the mood for a mind-fuck, this is a slam dunk.

The Lion's Lady

The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood Let me preface by saying that when I started reading this book, I was ready for The Fairytale. I was completely on board with suspending disbelief (a lot of suspended disbelief is required for reading this book), and I just wanted to be whisked away to a different era.

Judy Garwood, as usual, didn't disappoint. If you're ready for a fun, adventurous, sensual Fairytale, this is one for the keeper shelves. :)

The Pursuit of Pleasure

The Pursuit of Pleasure - Elizabeth Essex Actually I give this book 4 1/2 stars.

Two critical factors I absolutely loved:

1. The Characters - sometimes you read a book and can't differentiate one character from the next. Not so in PoP. You may not always like Lizzie, but you're damn well going to remember her. She's head-strong, passionate, and vulnerable all at once. Ms. Essex constructed Lizzie so three-dimensionally that I was viscerally with her as she felt the highs and lows (and really low, lows) of the book. The fire between Lizzie and Jamie is - wow - undeniably sexy. Even the rough stuff made sense based on how Ms. Essex built their characters and their relationship.

2. The Plot was hardcore. Not your typical historical "fluff" plot. This one has teeth. I appreciated that.

Why I gave it 4 1/2 instead of 5 stars:

Although I enjoyed the complexity of the background plot, at times it was a little hard to follow and a couple of the shadow characters didn't seem necessary - they had one or two short scenes that left me confused instead of in suspense. But this was just my opinion and might not be an issue for anyone else. ;)

The Dark Path

The Dark Path - Luke Romyn This book really surprised me. Not because I was expecting it to be bad, I just wasn't expecting it to be so fresh and original. Maybe it's because I don't normally read horror/thriller books, but this one had me running and jumping into bed because my imagination was getting the best of me, and I damn we'll didn't want anything under the bed to reach out and make a grab for me. LOL. My husband just snickered.

Anyway, loved the complexity of the character Vain. I thought Luke did a wonderful job of keeping him in character with respect to motivation and behavior, as well as making his character arc gradual and very believable. I also loved the shading of humanity...we're all a combination of light and dark and I feel this was conveyed brilliantly. I also loved the angel element!

So original and well plotted. Definitely recommended. :)

Portrait of A Dead Guy

Portrait of a Dead Guy: A Cherry Tucker Mystery - Larissa Reinhart Larissa's book is so funny at times she had me laughing out loud. I'm sure anyone watching me reading wondered why I had such a big grin on my face most of the time. I mean, how can you not enjoy lines like: "Luke drove me crazy in ways I didn't appreciate. He knew how to push buttons that switched me from tough to soft, smart to dumb. Beautiful men were my kryptonite. Local gossip said my mother had the same problem. My poor sister, Casey, was just as inflicted. W would have been better off inheriting a squinty eye or a duck walk." LOL! That's hilarious and fresh, y'all! Pick up a copy yourself for a fun, lighthearted read! :)

Corralled: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Corralled - Lorelei James Three and a half stars. Interesting sex, yummy guys, but I just couldn't get into Lainie. There were many times I wondered what she was thinking about. I want to be taken on the journey through a character arc. I want to get inside a character's head. Didn't happen enough here to make the book a standout to me. If you love great ménage though, this could be one for you! :)

Catch Me a Cowboy (Deep in the Heart of Texas)

Catch Me A Cowboy - Katie Lane This book was good on so many levels! The heroine had a true character arc - you could see her growth as the novel progressed. And the hero? YUMMY!!! Can I have him? For just one night? :)

The other thing I LOVED about this book was the humor. OMG it was funny! Ms. Lane also brought the setting to life...the secondary characters added so much to the plot and setting.

Definitely recommend this book! :)

Bet Me

Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie Absolutely loved this book. Min is "everywoman" who worries about her weight, what she looks like naked, and if her man will stay "forever." She is funny, sassy, smart and has awesome taste in shoes. Cal is perfectly imperfect for her, and I fell for him too. Their chemistry is perfect, and Crusie's secondary characters really made this story come alive. So funny too. 5 stars. No reservations. LOVED. IT.

Seducing His Wife

Seducing His Wife - W. Lynn Chantale I usually read fast-paced, non-stop action stories with alpha males, so this was actually a nice change of pace. What I especially enjoyed was the realistic dialogue and the tenderness of Matt, the main character. No, he wasn't your typical "alpha" hero, but if he was, it wouldn't have worked in this story about overcoming your fears and pride to find your way back to love. Sometimes things hurt so much a simple conversation isn't possible. That was the crux of the conflict in this book, and it resonated with me. I cried near the end when Sheridan thought her worst fear was realized. It takes a sensitive writer to do that.

Honor's Splendour

Honor's Splendour - Julie Garwood One of my all-time FAVORITES!!

Above And Beyond (Brown, Sandra)

Above and Beyond - Sandra Brown LOVED!!

The Lake House

The Lake House - James Patterson I will preface by saying I did not read the first novel, so this may color my experience, but overall I was disappointed by this book. I generally love Patterson's novels, so I was really looking forward to this paranormal break from the norm. The main thing: I wasn't invested enough in the cardboard characters to be able and willing to suspend my disbelief. It all just seemed rather ridiculous. The dialogue was somewhat cheesy and there were so many questions that were left unanswered at the end. It could have been a great story, but the characters, delivery, and plotting fell short.

Seduction Creek (The Layton Family)

Seduction Creek - Avery Flynn Everyone else did a fine job laying out the plot, so I'm just gonna say what I loved about this book by Ms. Flynn. The main thing...it was your classic girl next door story getting her storybook ending. Anyone can relate! Avery did a fantastic job making me care about Beth right away with the moving opening scene...and hubba-hubba...who doesn't love a protective man with swagger like Hank?

Avery consistenly has strong, realistic and witty dialogue that make her books a joy to read. Keep'em coming, Avery! :)

Her Man Flint

Her Man Flint - Jerri Drennen I was so excited to download this title by Ms. Drennen because it sounded like a nice break from what I've been reading a lot of lately - serial killers, Mexican drug cartel non-fiction, etc. You know, great material to read right before going to bed. I still like that types of reading, but I needed a break from all that darkness, and let me tell you, Her Man Flint was just what the doctor ordered! The writing was funny, the characters were delightful, the motivations were realistic, and I read the whole damn book in one sitting and was happy to give up several hours of sleep to do it. If you're in the mood for a fun, light-hearted romp that still has a plot, this fits the bill.