The Dark Path

The Dark Path - Luke Romyn This book really surprised me. Not because I was expecting it to be bad, I just wasn't expecting it to be so fresh and original. Maybe it's because I don't normally read horror/thriller books, but this one had me running and jumping into bed because my imagination was getting the best of me, and I damn we'll didn't want anything under the bed to reach out and make a grab for me. LOL. My husband just snickered.

Anyway, loved the complexity of the character Vain. I thought Luke did a wonderful job of keeping him in character with respect to motivation and behavior, as well as making his character arc gradual and very believable. I also loved the shading of humanity...we're all a combination of light and dark and I feel this was conveyed brilliantly. I also loved the angel element!

So original and well plotted. Definitely recommended. :)