Santa Wore Leathers: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance Novella

Santa Wore Leathers - Vonnie Davis "Maybe you ought to give up men for Bingo and water aerobics."

LMAO! There are comedic zingers like this sprinkled throughout this story about two opposites who definitely attract and heat up the page. Wolf's sexy, alpha charmer personality was a nice counter-balance to the all-up-in-her-head heroine, Becca. I kept me wishing Wolf would try on those damn leathers already! He was out-going, but I loved that he managed to be vulnerable at the same time. Too often I think the heroes are cookie-cutter crafted, but not Wolf. Finally, a hero who writes poetry - yes!

Ms Davis has a very strong voice that will bring me back to her books. The sex was hot, the banter crisp, and the characters varied and interesting. Definitely a fun, light-hearted read. I hope there's more to come with these characters because I'm invested. :)