The Spymaster's Lady

The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne THE SPYMASTER'S LADY, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

-Holy crap ORIGINAL.Yes, I’ve read about historical female spies, but nothing like this. This woman is truly on her own in a cruel world for survival.

-Vibrating sexual tension in the tradition of Jo Beverly. If you’re looking for hot and heavy sex all the way through, this is not the book for you. If, however, you want a quivering, Lordy-just-take-her-now build-up, and an ultimate satisfaction, this book totally delivers.

-Next on this list comes…Surprises: Obviously, I can’t elaborate. Just read the book. Wow.

-And finally, Phenomenal Characterizations: This book is great on so many levels, but it’s really Jo’s characterizations of not only the H/H (Annique is so strong, yet so disarmingly vulnerable!), but also the secondary characters, that made me stay up all night to finish this book. Jo Bourne has Deep Point of View NAILED. It’s layer after layer of crawling inside these character’s heads…not with long passages of introspection, but little, cumulative bits.

This book knocked my socks off!